Wind Europe Offshore 2019

Wind Europe Offshore 2019

Let’ts meet in Copenhagen November 26-28thfor the Wind Europe Offshore 2019

You can find YOUWINd on stand E-D3a

We would love to show you how to save time and money with the YOUWINd methods.

YOUWINd model is an innovative optimisation model for used for offshore wind project analysis.… Read More

Goldwind 8MW prototype unveiled

Chinese wind turbine supplier, Goldwind, launched today the prototype of a new offshore wind turbine with a turbine capacity of 8MW and rotor of 175m.

Last year, Goldwind launched three other models:

  • GW168-8MW
  • GW184-6.45MW,
  • and the typhoon-adaptive and low-wind-speed offshore GW168-6.45MW.
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Edward Ridgway joins the YOUWINd team

Edward Ridgway has joined the YOUWINd model team as a Partner. Edward brings in substantial experience from engineering project management for the energy industry.

Edward has over the last years worked in optimising the wind turbine package within development projects heading towards the bidding stage.… Read More

Siemens Gamesa Launches 10+ MW Offshore Wind Turbine

This week the wind power giant announced a new wind turbine that we have not had in the YOUWINd model calculations before. We used the day to analyse further this new product, calculate estimated technical parameters and price and then and compare this new turbine to its predecessors using Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm as an example.… Read More